Volunteer Pilots Needed

Thank you for your interest in Compassion Flights where you can use your general aviation skills to help people in need. Compassion Flights arranges free transportation to medical treatment in the country’s heartland for those people who cannot reach needed care because of the cost, or because they are too ill to fly commercially or drive long distances. We would be honored to have you join our special volunteers in this unique community service.

By coordinating with other organizations, Compassion Flights can arrange transportation for patients on longer flights to other parts of the country outside of the Heartland region. Our patients are usually traveling for surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, and other treatments. Valid and current private (or higher) certificate, with class/type ratings and endorsements required for aircraft:

  • Instrument rating, or 600 hours PIC if no IFR rating
  • Valid and current class III or higher medical certificate
  • 250 hours pilot in command (PIC) experience
  • 25 hours make and model in singles, 75 hours make and model in turbines and twins
  • 50 hours as PIC in last 12 months (waived with a flight review or completion of a Wings phase in last 3 months) Liability insurance policy

Non-pilots and pilots who don’t meet our pilot requirements or affirmations are welcome to join and are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities.